Access map

About 15 minutes from either JR Ube-shinkawa station or Yamaguchi Ube Airport by bus.

•5 hours from Tokyo(東京駅) to Shin-Yamaguchi station(新山口駅) by Shinkansen,
2 hours from Shin-Osaka station(新大阪駅), 30 minutes from Hiroshima Station(広島駅),
30 minutes from Hakata station(博多駅).(Transit)
*Shttle bus from Shin-Yamaguchi station to Ube-shinkawa station(宇部新川駅)

*Take a train from Shin- Yamaguchi station to Ube-Shinkawa station by Ube Line(宇部線), or to Ube Station(宇部駅) by Sanyo Line(山陽本線).

•From Shin-Yamaguchi Station(新山口駅)
◦45 minutes by Express Bus, or 56 minutes by Rapid Bus from Shin-Yamaguchi Station (No. 52, 53) to Ube-Shinkawa Station(Transit)
◦10minutes from Ube-Shinkawa Station to Faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University by Taxi.
•From Ube-Shinkawa Station(宇部新川駅)
◦Take a bus from Ube-Shinkawa Station (No.82, 85, 86, 91, 92-all stop) to Kogakubu-mae(In front of the University, 工学部前) by Hiraki Line(開線).
•From Hakata Kotsukyoku Centre (The right side of Hakata Exit in Hakata Station )
◦2 hours from Highway bus by Fukuoka Yamaguchi Liner(bound for Yamaguchi by JR bus)

From Yamaguhi-Ube Airport(山口宇部空港)
•10min by taxi

From Narita Airport
•By Airport Limited Express to Haneda Airport (Direct or Connects with limited express at Aoto Station), 105 or 110 minutes, 1,560yen
Narita Airport–(Airport Limited Express)–Haneda Airport–(ANA or JAL)–Yamaguchi Ube Airport–(shuttle bus or taxi)–Ube-Shinkawa Sta. or Faculty of Engineering
•By limousine bus to Haneda Airport about 80 minutes, 3,000yen

*Note* Limousine bus may be delayed because of traffic jam.

From Kansai Airport
•By Limited Express HARUKA to Shin-Osaka Station (Direct to Shin- Osaka station)
45 minutes, (2,470 yen for Non reserved seat, 2,980 yen for Reserved seat)
Kansai Airport–Shin-Osaka–Shin-Yamaguchi-Ube-shinkawa(13,640 yen for one way)
Kansai Airport–(Airport Limited Express HARUKA)–Shin-Osaka Station–(Shinkansen)–Shin-Yamaguchi Station–(Train-Ube line-)–Ube Shinkawa Station

From Fukuoka Airport
•By subway to Hakata Station (5 minutes, 250yen) Transport Information to Hakata Station Taxis are also available and very useful(about 1,300 yen)

Fukuoka Airport–(Free Shuttle bus (No.1) from International terminal to Domestic terminal)–Domestic Terminal–(Subway)–Hakata Station–(Shinkansen bound for Hiroshima, Shin-Osaka or Tokyo)–Shin-Yamaguchi Station–(Train-Ube line-) –Higashi Shinkawa Station–(taxi about 660 yen but walking distance)