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The department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is composed of Civil Engineering Course and East Asia International Course.

Civil Engineering Course


Civil Engineering Course aims to educate and train students to be civil engineers in the profession in practical society. Students will be able to study to be engineers with high qualities and techniques and to develop their motivation with full confidence. Students will also be educated as engineers with morals and global point of view.

East Asia International Course


East Asia International Course aims to educate and train civil engineering students to be engineers and leaders of the profession not only locally but also internationally. In a globalized world, where countries´ economies and politics are so interdependent, it is necessary to equip university graduates with necessary skills to live and to work confidently and effectively for a long period of time in different countries and with people from other cultures and ethnicity. For this purpose, 3rd and 4th year students undergo international engineering education under a foreign professor. For example, main course lectures, such as Technical Communication and Exercises in International Construction Engineering, are conducted in English.

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