Life @ YU

Students travel from every continent of the world to study at the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY

Living here

Where you will live is a big factor in choosing your study abroad destination. Our university support you and guarantee your comfortable life at Tokiwa Engineering campus.


You can find a suitable place to live, and give you ongoing accommodation advice and assistance.

On-campus residentional facility

Ube International House

We provide “Ube International Houses” in Tokiwa campus that provides residential accommodation for international students and researchers. Unfortunately we don’t have enough rooms to accommodate the number of students who wish to live there, so even if you apply, you may not be offered a room. The monthly rent does not include utility costs such as gas, electricity and water supply.

・New admissions:every April and October

・Period of stay:6 months

・Application period(for April intake), July(for the October intake)

・Monthly rent:Single room-11,200yen, Couple room-17,900yen, Family room-26,800yen

Off-campus rental housing

Independent providers(not part of Yamaguchi University) offer a variety of housing custom-built for students. The staff of International Student Office goes to a real estate agent with international students and helps them to search for an apartment. Average monthly rent is about 25,000yen but it depends on its location, age and condition. Aside from the monthly rent, initial costs called Shiki-kin(deposit) and Rei-kin(Key money)have to be paid when you move into the apartment.